Thursday, December 14

The Motorola Droid 2

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One of the hottest phones available on the market today is the Motorola Droid 2. It has many of the best features of the original Droid, minus the bugs and minor issues that were commonly found in the phone’s original model. There are also several aesthetic improvements that helped make the newest version of the Droid phone a hot commodity. The QWERTY keyboard is high quality with raised buttons that make typing easy for those with large fingers. This device also brings entertainment as its Android OS is fully stable and many more applications have been released. These applications can be downloaded from the Market and can help enhance a user’s productivity or keep them entertained for hours.

While the Droid 2 comes with a some cool extras, such as an AC adapter, USB cable and 8 GB micro SD chip, there are other accessories available for purchase that can enhance the functionality of this phone. Motorola Droid 2 accessories come in a wide range of prices and options that can enhance a user’s experience. There are many different holsters, spare batteries, phone covers, cases and ear buds available that were specially designed for the Droid 2. The long awaited Droid 2 has plenty of nifty accessories available that will make owning a Droid 2 phone simple, stylish and fun.

A quality screen protector will ensure that your nice screen stay looking new just like the day you got your device. These screen protectors are available in either a plain version or as an ingenious privacy screen protector which helps shield the sharp 3.7 inch LCD screen from prying eyes during usage. It also helps prevent the screen from becoming scratched or damaged during handling.

With heavy usage, it is not uncommon to use up most of the Droid’s battery life before the end of the day. This is particularly true if the Internet or GPS functions are used for extended periods of time. While charging the phone periodically helps keep the battery charged, it’s a good idea to always carry a spare Motorola Droid 2 Battery so that there is always a fully charged battery available when needed. Alternating between more than one OEM Li-Ion batteries can also help extend the life expectancy of both batteries.

The Droid 2 has a handsome and durable blue and silver exterior that needs to be protected as much as possible. A Motorola Droid 2 holster is an accessory that is customized for the phone that will enable the user to keep the phone safe, secure and easily accessible at all times. There are a variety of holsters available that can either be clipped onto a waistband or threaded with a belt for extra security and stability. A holster enables the phone to be rotated while in the holster or removed effortlessly to answer calls as needed. Replacing the phone back into the holster is quick and convenient as it easily and securely clicks back into place.

Droid phone accessories can help make carrying a phone stylish and fun. They will not only protect your smart phone from wear and tear but also from  accidental damage that can happen. Every Droid owner should invest in a screen protector, holster and spare battery right after it is bought. All other Droid 2 accessories can be purchased according to a user’s preference and should be considered an investment in the phone’s protection or functionality. Some Droid users prefer to buy multiple accessories so that they can rotate these items out periodically or as needed. Be sure that any accessories that are purchased are compatible with the new Droid 2 before the purchase.


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