Thursday, December 14

A List Of Features And Accessories For The Blackberry Storm 3

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The technology market is abuzz with the latest product to be released, the BlackBerry Storm 3. Although it has not been released as of yet, product specifications have been emerging showing marked improvements over it predecessors. Previous versions of the phone have stuck to what worked with an “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” mindset, but this release with its advanced features, hot spot technology, and larger screen size is creating a buying frenzy in the marketplace.

The BlackBerry Storm 3 is set to be a very thin phone compared to others at only 14 mm. The new BlackBerry Storm 3 has addressed the weak battery life of their past devices and with noticeable effort have positively improved the technology. Another feature that has been long awaiting Research In Motion is the advancement of their browser to include tabbed browsing. The new release has increased screen size to 3.7 inches and is of a better quality, consisting of 16.7 million colors. Research In Motion has disappointed those looking for a better alternative to the outdated SurePress technology by sticking with it even after marked disdain of the technology has been splattered across the net. The device also is looking to include a 5.1 megapixel camera.

With thinner devices the need arises to protect your investment with BlackBerry Storm 3 cases. These devices are expensive and a broken phone will amount to lost time and productivity not to mention deep reaches into short pockets. A case will allow for extra durability and is also a great way to customize your phone cheaply and effectively to exhibit your own personal style. Some cases are even water-resistant or shock resistant to offer the highest level of protection for your BlackBerry Storm 3

BlackBerry Storm 3 screen protectors will ensure the well being of the phone’s screen and prevent unsightly scratches and dents. Screen protectors come in a variety of specifications. Some will allow for privacy, meaning others will not be able to read over your shoulder, others offer anti-glare and other properties. For individuals that spend considerable amounts of time looking at their screen these can be life savers for your eyes.

As the release date approaches the market will be scrambling to get this device over others and BlackBerry Storm 3 accessories will make your mobile interactions much more rewarding, beneficial, and productive. When utilizing a smart phone productivity is the vital aspect for device satisfaction. Now that the BlackBerrry Storm 3 will be utilizing hot spot technology it is assured that users will be spending more time on their devices than ever before and these devices will be so much more rewarding with adequate protections and accessories.


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