Saturday, December 16

In Search For Cases For The T-Mobile G2

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The new T-Mobile G2 will likely have the same buzz about its accessories that the G1 had. As with all new upgrades, the product will have a more deeply sweet and sexy design, as well as provide stronger protection of the mobile hardware. It’s no longer just enough for the base unit to have state-of-the-art features (800 MHz CPU, Android 2.2, one touch keyboard, et al.), it’s all the snazzy, third-party extras that give the G2 complete and stylish wearability , as well as usability of the device.

Of particular note is the G2 skin style cover and G2 screen protector, which some observers already claiming are the “must-have” T-Mobile G2 accessories to get. Since T-Mobile decided not to go with built-in screen protectors in the new design, the door has been opened for third parties to generate their own add-ons for the unit. One company called Skinomi has developed the “TechSkin” protector to keep the G2 absolutely protected, and other parties will be submitting their own variations in short order. Smart phones have never been dressed so smartly as this T-Mobile model will!

There is also many types of skin cases to protect your device, and the T-Mobile G2 skins are just part of the bunch. In fact, the Skinomi Techskin is an add-on that combines both the function of screen protector and a casing in one, which will surely help out as far as durability and versatility goes. In general, cases that are set up in a holster-style, yet combined a skin style of protection, mixes very well as a hybrid accessory. They hold the model securely, yet protected from the inevitable scratches the 3.7 inch screen would otherwise pick up.

The T-Mobile G2 screen protector will come in the holster-skin, and traditional glove variations. Again, it’s because of the full protection that gloves provide, while coupled with the ease of still permitting the owner to easily use the device that leads to its popularity as an add-on. Combined with the case, it’s a simple matter to attach it to your belt strap, slip it into your bag or suitcase, or more freely carry it. The well-equipped G2 user will probably have a set of these accessories to cover a variety of occasions or moods.

Miscellaneous preferences for use of the case include maintenance, durability and other personal considerations. Many will be selecting a rubbery case to ensure it lasts longer, while others will pick silicone because it’s easier to clean. Still others will opt for a stylish look alone, and not care about long-term usage or cleaning. To each his own, there will be a model for one’s taste. And maybe, by the time a G3 device comes out, T-Mobile will finally figured out how to build these vanity or other features right into the machine, instead of making us run around to get these extras ourselves!


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