Thursday, December 14

3 Must-Know Reasons Why You Need Iphone Loss Insurance

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In a day and age when money is tighter than ever, we all try to save as much of it as possible. Plus, most people consider themselves to be careful and responsible individuals that would never do something as stupid as lose their iPhone of all things.

Most people also find out the hard way how easy it is for an iPhone to slip out of your pocket when they’re not paying attention or be left behind at a shop or a night club, never to be seen again. Then they wind up paying an arm and a leg to replace their phones. Don’t let this happen to you! Good iPhone loss insurance should not be considered optional. What follows are just a few of the reasons why this is so.

1. Your Manufacturer’s Warranty Will Not Cover You

Even though your manufacturer’s warranty through Apple is amazing, it is not the same thing as having good iPhone loss insurance. Your iPhone warranty does not cover loss, accidental damage, or theft so it is important that you purchase a separate policy that will cover you when it comes to all the possible things that could happen to your phone. You’ll be glad you did the first time you reach for you iPhone in the morning to check your messages and realize you accidentally left it in the back of a cab the night before.

2. Your Household Items Insurance Policy Should Not Be Trusted to Cover Your Phone

Many consumers wrongly think they’re being really savvy about saving when they simply assume their household items insurance can cover their iPhone instead of buying iphone loss insurance.After all, it does cover personal items such as mobile phones. However, making this your choice can actually wind up costing you more money than simply investing in an iPhone loss insurance policy would have. The portion of the replacement cost your provider will expect you to cover will be much higher than it otherwise would be and you’ll lose your “no claims” bonus, too. If you’re accident prone or have a habit of losing phones, then you’ll be paying higher premiums in the future as well… guaranteed.

3. You Can’t Afford to Forgo iPhone Loss Insurance… Literally

Most people wind up getting an unbeatable deal on their new iPhone through their mobile service provider. Some even managed to get their as a freebie. Have you ever really noticed how expensive iPhones are though? Some iPhones cost more than a thousand dollars! Do you have that kind of cash lying around to replace your iPhone if it gets lost or stolen?


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