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Bianna Golodryga: Promising Co-Anchor

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Co-Anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America” weekend edition, Bianna Golodryga has had a highly successful career in television and shows no sign of leaving her post as ABC correspondent anytime soon. With a promising future before her, Golodryga is currently working on several different broadcasts and shows for ABC.

“Good Morning America,” “World News with Diane Sawyer,” and “Nightline” are the major productions that Bianna Golodryga currently contributes to. Since joining the ABC News family and covering economic and business affairs in 2007, Golodryga has flourished as a talented and tireless correspondent. She stepped up from general correspondent to substitute co-anchor and news anchor and is now a permanent co-anchor on one of the network’s most successful shows.

Bianna Golodryga did not plan on becoming a television personality. She attended the University of Texas in Austin and earned her bachelor’s degree in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies. Golodryga minored in economics and eventually went that direction in her career. Right out of college, she worked in the financial services industry. In 2001 she left her first career and began work as a bureau producer at the New York Stock Exchange for CNBC. This role afforded her much experience and the opportunity to cover the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City live. This position also allowed her access to the most influential business leaders in the industry, many of which she interviewed.

In 2004, after three years at the New York Stock Exchange, Bianna Golodryga took a job as a segment producer for “The Wall Street Journal with Maria Bartiromo.” Her job was to produce the interviews, which again gave her access to very powerful leaders in the political and corporate spheres. After covering high profile events and topics, Bianna Golodryga was invited to contribute to CNBC reports as an on-air correspondent with their financial channel only two years after starting work as a segment producer. Eventually, her responsibilities increased and she ultimately became the supervisor for all financial stories on NBC Network and affiliate networks across the United States. Her success opened the door to a position as a reporter, then as a substitute anchor, and has led her to her success today as a co-anchor on “Good Morning America” weekend edition.

Over the course of her career, Bianna Golodryga has had the opportunity to cover many important and far-reaching stories, including the automobile industry, the disintegration of industry leaders Bear Stearns and AIG, and the housing and credit emergency. Her biggest project to date is the social networking and digital media coverage of the 2008 Presidential election, for which she was responsible for the network’s entire digital and social media presence.

Named one of the top journalists under the age of thirty in 2004 by the NewBios/TJFR Group, Bianna Golodryga has embarked on one of the most promising career paths in the television industry. Her ability to both report the important facts and appeal to large audiences has made her a rising star for the ABC Network and will continue to carry her to her ultimate success.


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