Sunday, December 17

Wise Words

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There is no wealth like intelligence, poorness like ignorance and support like consulting

Something which is increasing as long as you are sharing is LOVE AND KNOWLEDGE.

Everybody is trying to change world but not theirselves

All you can able to explain will be as much as how much others get it

My silence due to my nobleness .i got answer to every quesiton. But i regard people and spiells under their qualities

Favours are big even though they are little

Smiling is also handout

Be as how you seem to be or seem to be as how you are

Science is to know science and find out yourself. What kind of educate if you dont know who you are

Our work is not describing people’s reputation and we dont consider of what others says. You will find yourself on what you create

Two ambitious people cant be satisfied. One learns science other enjoys saving money

I have seen many people doesnt have clothes. I have seen clothes that there is no man inside it

Best guide is the science in the life. M. K. Atatürk

Whatever you are sowing you cut out it- Turkish proverb means everything you do will turn to you as a gift or trouble

Treat people as how you want to be treated

Lets sew the tree of knowledge when we are young then we can have a home to harbor in its shadow when we get older

Sincerity hasnt got language you get it from eyes

Most valuable of you is the person has got the good manners

Talk if you know something to originate but hush if you dont know to be known as a real man

You would have too many friends as long as you benefit to them. They would disappear when you request demanding somethings.

The real is rich is the person has rich hearth

Talking behind the poeple is not just immorality its also cowerdice

Dont forget something makes you happy also makes happy others

Come, come again, whoever you are come
Heathen, fire worshipper or idolatrous, come
Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times
Ours is the portal of hope, come as you are…Come, come again, whoever you are come


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