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How to Choose Ceiling Fan Size

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When you walk into a home improvement store, the choice of fan sizes can be a bit overwhelming. How do you know whether to choose a 36″, 42″ or 50″ fan? Then once you choose that, how do you know what mount to get? Well, if you do just a little bit of preparation before you head to the store, that choice will be much easier. Here is how to choose the right size for your fan.

Measure your Room’s Size

The first thing you need to find out is how big your room is. If you are wanting to put a fan in a room that is 10×10 you do not want to get a fan that will take up over half of the room. Simply get out a measuring tape and measure each wall. You will need this number when it comes time to choose your fan size, so keep it handy.

Measure your Ceiling Height

While you have your measuring tape out, make sure to measure how high your ceiling is. When you are choosing your ceiling fan you will have an option of how low the fan will hang. If you choose for the fan to hang too low, it could literally give you a headache. So, write down how tall your ceiling is and keep it with your room’s measurements for later.


Now that you have all the measurements you need it is time to choose what ceiling fan size is right for you. First, take a look at your room’s measurements. Look and your measurements and see how long the smallest wall in your room is. This is what you will use to choose how wide your ceiling fan will be. If that number is less than 12 feet long, you will want to stick to 36 inches or less for your fan size. If it it is greater than 12 feet but less than 16 feet, then you will want to purchase a fan that is between 42 and 50 inches. Any wall larger than 18 feet will require a fan that is over 50 inches in diameter.

Once you have selected how large your ceiling fan will be, you will also need to choose what mount you need with the fan. Ceiling mounts for fans typically come in three sizes: flush, standard and extended. Look at the measurements you got for your ceiling height and choose the appropriate mount for your fan. If your ceiling height is less than 8 feet, you should choose a flush mounted fan. If your ceiling height is between 8 feet and 9 feet, a standard mount will likely fit best. For any ceiling higher than 9 feet, an extended mount is probably the best option.

Once you have chosen your fan mount, all you have to choose is the fan you would like to purchase. Then take the fan home and install it, knowing that you choose the perfect fan size for your room. Enjoy!


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