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How to Choose a Granite Color For Your Backsplash

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Granite has become a very popular choice for several areas of the home, to include the backsplash. It can, however, be difficult to select the right color of granite for this tricky area. If you follow these steps, you will be able to sort through the large variety of granite colors to find the right one for you backsplash.

Collect Samples

Having a wide range of samples to choose from will aid in choosing the right granite for your kitchen backsplash. Though you could simply choose a color that you think will work in the store, it could lead to heartache when you get home and realize that it is not the right one. So, save yourself some time and pick up a few different samples of granite that you like and think will work and take them home.

Compare to the Countertop

Your backsplash is going to be sitting right next to your countertop. Because of this, you want to compare the samples you brought home to this first. If you already have granite countertops, the safest color option would be to try to closely match that granite to avoid clashing. Otherwise, finding a color that will contrast your countertop while remaining in the same family is another, less predictable, route to go with. Either way, make sure that you do not keep a granite around if it clashes with your countertop color.

Cabinet Color

Next, you want to hold your granite samples up to your cabinets. Typically, if a backsplash works with a countertop, then it should also work well with a cabinet. However, there are some exceptions to this, so be sure that your granite backsplash choice will work well with your cabinets. If a particular same doesn’t work with your cabinets, then it should not be a contender.


Finally, you want be sure that you have the right kind of lighting for the granite color you are considering. For example, if you have black countertops and decide on a black granite backsplash as well, you need to make sure you have enough lighting underneath your cabinets. If there is not lighting under your cabinets, a dark color like black can make the entire room feel too dark. So if your lighting is not sufficient, either select a lighter color granite or add some lighting underneath your cabinets.

By using these simple things to narrow down your granite color choices for your backsplash, you will make the selection process much easier. However, if you are ever unsure about your choice, you can always enlist the help of a trusted friend for an opinion. Then just order your granite, get it installed and enjoy.


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