Traveling When Pregnant, Safe and Reliable!

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Indeed, traveling with the aircraft during pregnancy is safe. Women with a pregnancy without any complications can be increased aircraft, but it will increase the risk of freezing blood vessels vena (deep vein thrombosis / DVT) So before departing You need to consult a doctor

It is advisable not to fly before the age of 12 weeks gestation or after 28 weeks. Afterward, when the greater the risk of giving birth, the airline will ask the doctor a letter stating that you travel feasible and provide information on estimates of the birth of your baby.

Each airline has its own rules it is very important to convey travel agent when you purchase tickets that are pregnant and check whether you are still allowed flying. If you book a ticket via the internet, Please check at the airline website.

Scheduled flights usually allow pregnant women up to age pregnancies around 34 weeks to fly. If you travel in a package holiday usually is not always clear what the aircraft used. You need to discuss your pregnancy with agents who arrange holidays so that they can inform you about the airlines that use the rules and regulations.

Before take-off

Contact the airline before ordering him to the seat you want, that can be right in the bulkhead, a space where there is a partition that separates business class and economy, a space must be wide enough for feet.

During check-in came early, you will compete with the families who bring small children who also want a seat that you booked in the region bulkhead. explain that you are pregnant and ask whether there are opportunities to upgrade or be given a seat empty side

If the money is not the problem, the best solution for back and leg pain that is tired of sitting in business class.

For an alternative, many airlines offer extra room for legs, but also with the extra price. Use legroom report (guidelines to position the seat for you in the aircraft).

While in the air

Use special socks to prevent DVT.

Use massage slippers or shoes with a belt that can be adjusted when your feet start swelling.

Rise up and walk around the cabin every two hours.

Take a close eye and ear plugs and use comfortable clothing.

Take a break as much as possible.

Pregnant women extremely vulnerable to dehydration, so take a package of fresh fruits such as grapes, Plum, dried apricot or orange. You must bring water for at least two liters.

Avoid tea and coffee, which may increase the risk of DVT.

Eat a lot of snack.

Use only with natural cosmetics. Your baby is growing will absorb any entrance into your body.

Pregnant women are more easily affected ravel sickness and wear wrist bands may have to it.

And during the holiday …

Bring a copy of medical records and your insurance policy, also list the name can be contacted if there is an emergency. Make a list of the location of a local hospital.

Your skin more sensitive during pregnancy then use sunscreen thicker than normal. Avoid diving and water sports while pregnant.

Above all, relaks and enjoy your holiday, If you’re happy, your baby also be happy


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