Saturday, December 16

Family Holidays With Teenage Children

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Finally school is almost over and with it the the weather is getting hot along the promises of things to come. With this yearly miracle, my thoughts are turning to leisure and rest after eleven month of hard work.  How many times have I thought about my holidays while getting up early in the morning? Coming home late? Taking the children to all their different activities? Quite a few times, and the closer the summer months get the more insistent the thought becomes. But  finally the time is almost here and I am ready to relax. But haven’t you people with teenage children like me forgotten something?

Last night when I laid down our holiday plans like I did every other year,  my seventeen and a half  year old twins calmly informed  me that this year they had no intention of going anywhere, especially to the same camping ground where we went regularly. This time  they had picked up a part time job at the local supermarket and had every intention of working. The money earned was intended to go towards the car they are hoping to buy as soon as they obtain their drivers license.

I looked at my husband for support but I should have known better. Very diplomatically he pretended not to have heard anything and was looking fixedly at the stock market report in the newspaper. Did he know something?

Like typical caring teenagers, my adorable twins suggested that my husband and I should not deprive ourselves from our favorite holiday but go just the same, while they will stay home and take care of themselves. Camping, fishing and lying under a tree by the water of the lake, was no longer the kind of holiday for them.

Well you guessed it, as if I was going to leave them home on their own. They tend to forget that their father and I were also young once and tried every trick in the book to get our parents to leave us alone at home and do all the things we could not do with them at home.

So, with a resigned sigh while looking directly at my two future financial wizards I graciously gave in and agreed to think of other things to do while we all stayed home. Did I see a look of disappointment on their faces?

How about you?  Have your children ever wrecked your holiday plans?


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