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How to Check if Granite Has Been Dyed

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Many people when they are looking at granite will quickly find that not all granites are the same. So granites have holes, cracks and are less porous than others. If you are in the market for black granite, there is something else that you must be careful of…..dyed black granite. It has become the practice of some granite manufacturers to apply a black dye to a piece of granite to make the granite appear a more appealing shade of black. This is a problem because that black dye will slowly wear off, revealing the uneven color of a less than appealing black. Here is how to check and see if your black granite has been dyed.

Find where the Granite is From

The majority of granite that has been dyed comes from Asia. If your granite has come from a country like China, it is imperative that you do a test to make sure the granite has not been dyed. Please note that not all black granite from Asia has been dyed. There are many reputable granite dealers from these areas. However, you can never be too careful.

Apply Nail Polish Remover

Now to test the granite. Take some acetone based nail polish remover and apply it with a white rag onto a spare piece of granite. Rub it on just as you would if you were trying to remove nail polish. Granite that has not been dyed should not react to this type of rubbing, so do not go too easy on it.

Check the Rag

Once you have rubbed the acetone onto the granite, check the white rag. Does it have black where the nail polish remover was? If so, then you are likely dealing with black granite that has been dyed. If not, then it is pretty safe to say that your granite has not been dyed. However, before you decide not to purchase this slab of granite…

Inspect the Granite

After the nail polish remover has dried, be sure to inspect the granite. Is the spot where the acetone was applied now a dull color that is not as black as it once was? If the answer is yes, then you are definitely dealing with dyed granite. Do not buy this slab of granite. What you are seeing on this piece of granite will only continue to happen once it has been installed as your counter top or flooring.

After you have inspected the granite and the white rag, all you have to do is make your decision on whether or not to purchase that granite. If it has been dyed, then you safest bet is to stay away and find a higher quality black granite. If it hasn’t been dyed, then you are free to continue your purchase process.


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