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How Refacing Cabinet Doors Saves Time And Money

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Kitchen remodels are one of the most desirable home improvement projects on peoples lists, but many people choose not to take on this task because of the time and expense involved with getting new cabinetry. Luckily, there is an option available that can save you both time and money while still giving you the look of new cabinets; refacing. Refacing cabinet doors is the perfect option for a budget kitchen remodel that does not need to be completely reworked, just esthetically improved. If this sounds like something that would work for your kitchen, take the time to see the benefits of refacing your cabinet doors over have all new cabinets installed.


No Demolition

The demolition that comes with new cabinets can take several days from the time it starts until the cleanup is finished. Many homeowners have to take the time to oversee this demolition to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Since there is absolutely no demolition that comes with replacing doors and adding veneers, the amount of time you will have to take out of your day during your remodel will be significantly less.

Minimal Installation

Installing kitchen cabinets is another time consuming task that is almost non-existent with refacing. Many people doing a kitchen remodel have to take time out of their every day life for weeks to manage the installation of the cabinets. Cabinet refacing, on the other hand, typically only requires 2-3 afternoons of the homeowner’s time; one for measurements and one to two for installation depending on the size of the project. The rest of the work is done at a factory where the doors are being made, which save you time in the end.

No Clean Up

Demolition and installation can create a lot of dust and debris that has to be cleaned up once the cabinets have been installed. This means more time spent cleaning not only your kitchen but every room close to your kitchen because the dust will carry. With refacing, there is very little cleaning up that must be done which will save you time in the long run.


Eat at Home

Since there is no demolition involved in cabinet refacing, you will still be able to cook and eat at home like you normally do. With new cabinets, your kitchen will be torn apart which will make cooking in anything other than the microwave nearly impossible. This means more eating out and more money out of your pocket that you may of not accounted for.

Less Materials to Buy

Since you are only having to replace your cabinet doors you will be saving money on materials as well. Depending on what style and wood you choose for cabinets, you could save 60% over purchasing new cabinetry. This is in large part due to only having to pay for the doors and not the assembly and material for the rest of the cabinets.

Less Labor

All new cabinets mean a lot of labor which drives up the cost. When you are refacing your cabinets, there is much less work involved. Less work means less people needed for the remodel and less money spent on labor costs. With the average cost of labor for cabinet installation being around $2000, your potential for savings is huge.


If you are a pretty handy homeowner, you have an even bigger opportunity to save money by doing the work yourself. The demolition and installation of kitchen cabinets requires a great deal of skill that many homeowners simply do not have. However, if you can apply veneers to your cabinets and send in accurate measurements to a quality carpenter, you will save your self almost all of the labor costs.

As you can see, refacing your old kitchen cabinets can be easily save you time and money while still providing you with a beautiful kitchen. Now all you have left to do is pick the look you want and get your new doors installed. Best of all, you know you will be saving yourself time, money and a headache over brand new cabinets.


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