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How Affordable Cabinet Refacing Can Save You Doing a Kitchen Remodel

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People have always looked for ways to upgrade their home without spending a fortune, and kitchen remodeling is no exception. In recent years, the trend of refacing kitchen cabinets has become more and more popular. Cabinet refacing is essentially when the doors and drawer fronts of your existing kitchen cabinets are replaced with all new ones. Then, to make sure the rest of the exposed cabinet matches the new doors, a veneer is applied that resembles the look of a new doors. This means that you can get a completely new look without having to do a complete kitchen remodel. However, there are some things to consider before you decide to reface your kitchen cabinets.

Is it Affordable?

The definition of affordable will differ from person to person, depending on the amount of money they can spend on upgrading the look of their kitchen cabinets. Without a doubt, refacing kitchen cabinets is much less expensive than complete replacing them. On average, the cost of refacing cabinets is about one-third the cost of replacing them. However, even with that savings the cost may still cost several thousand dollars depending on the size of your kitchen. So, it is best to set a budget of what you can afford and then have 2-3 different professionals come in and price the work you would like done.

Is There a Cheaper Option?

With some hard work, it can be possible to get the look that refacing gives, with some inexpensive molding and and new paint or stain. Take a look at your cabinet doors and try to imagine some decorative molding and a new color. Chances are, these two things will completely change the way your cabinets look and will likely cost less than $1,000 if you do the work yourself. So before you hire someone to reface your cabinets, take a look at less expensive options.

Sound Cabinet Structure

Though refacing kitchen cabinets may make your old cabinets look new, it will not fix an unsound cabinet structure. Cabinets coming out from the walls, poor quality and drawers that stick are all things that will still be there after the refacing. If the problems you are having with the cabinetry is fixable, make sure to get that work done before you reface them. Otherwise, it would probably make more sense to spend the extra money on new kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Layout

Finally, make sure you want to keep the same basic kitchen layout before reface your kitchen cabinets. The refrigerator, stove, sink and dishwasher will all remain in the same place and you will still have the same amount of counter and cabinet space as before. If you are fine with the same kitchen layout, refacing is a good option. However, if you will be continuing to complain about how much cabinet space you have, it is time for a complete remodel.

Refacing can be a great way to save money on a kitchen remodel, but only if it makes since for your current situation. So, make sure to take a long hard look at what you need out of your kitchen remodel, and then decide if refacing is right for you. If it is, you can literally save thousands of dollars over completely replacing your old cabinets. No matter what your decision, you can sit back and know that it was the best and most affordable option for your kitchen remodel.


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