Tuesday, December 12

Have Your Coins Counted For Free at Coinstar by Choosing The Gift Card Option

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Do you have change laying around your home or in a jar? Are you wanting to have it converted into something that spent more easily but don’t want to pay ten cents a dollar to have that done? Well CoinStar has a great option for you. It is now possible to get your coins counted and loaded on to a Gift Card for free! Just follow a few simple steps and you will be able to put that money you earned to work.

Gather your Change

Start looking everywhere for your spare change. In your car, under cushions, in your pants and of course your wallet. You want to make sure that taking in your spare change is worth your time. Consider setting aside a jar for your spare change and cashing it out once or twice a year. Doing this will make sure that the amount going on the gift card you choose is enough to use.

Find a CoinStar

Once you have all of the change you intend on cashing in, find the closest location to you. If you don’t automatically know where CoinStars are, just go to their website at Coinstar.com and click on the drop down list under “Locate a machine near you”. Enter your address in the boxes provided and click “Find”. You should be shown a large number of locations near your area. Decide on the one that is most convenient for you and head over.

Count the Coins

Once you get to the CoinStar kiosk, it is time to get your coins counted. Make sure to select the “Free Coin Counting” option so you are not charged for the service when you first get to the kiosk. Then, choose what kind of gift card you would like. As of this writing there are 14 retailer participating, including: Albertsons, Amazon, Borders, CVS, iTunes, Lowe’s, Old Navy and Starbucks. Then follow the simple directions on the screen and wait for your coins to be counted and money to be added to the gift card.

Redeem for a Gift Cards

Once you have your money loaded onto your gift card, all you have to do is use it. Depending on the card you choose you can get groceries, clothes, medicine, music, coffee or Christmas presents. The best part about it is that you were able to get all of these things with your spare change and paid nothing to have it counted for you. Now sit back and enjoy what a few coins can buy.


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