Thursday, December 14

Essential Materials For a Budget Kitchen Makeover

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Kitchen makeovers can quickly be a budget buster when you are working with materials like granite, real wood and stainless steel. However,if you plan your kitchen remodel around budget friendly materials, you can get a new look for much less. There are five materials in particular that are absolutely essential when you are doing a budget kitchen makeover. Make sure to incorporate these into your new design to help keep your budget in check.


One of the most diverse materials on a budget is by far paint. Paint can transform old cabinets, hardware, appliances and even countertops into beautiful assets for your kitchen. With today’s improved paints, it is possible to transform almost anything with paint as long as you do the proper preparation. So before you decide to spend money completely replacing something in your kitchen, see if it is possible to give it a new look with a little bit of paint. It is almost always the less expensive option.


Over the years, laminate has received a bad reputation that it is quickly recovering from. Laminate is just as durable and reasonably priced as it has ever been, but it now looks great as well. Install new laminate counters instead of granite or laminate wood flooring instead of real wood. You will save yourself a fortune while still getting an attractive new look.

Peel and Stick Stainless Steel

Do you want the look of stainless steel appliance or a stainless steel backsplash but can’t spend thousands of dollars to get it? Pick up some peel and stick stainless steel film. This material looks and feels like the real thing but only costs around $30 per roll. The only downside is that you will need patients and even some help to apply it smoothly. However, if you are willing to do a little work, this material can give you an expensive look on a tiny budget.

Vinyl Tiles

Want an easy and inexpensive floor or backsplash? Vinyl tiles can be just what you need. The peel and stick variety are cheap, easy for anyone to install and now look better than ever. If you are feeling even more adventurous, you can always pick up the groutable vinyl tiles for a more realistic look that is still less than real tiles.

Hardware and Lighting

New hardware and lighting purchased on clearance are another great material for a budget kitchen remodel. Old lighting and cabinet hardware can date a kitchen quickly. Since it would likely only cost a few hundred dollars to replace these items if you shop smart, it only makes since to go ahead and replace them.

So as you are planning your beautiful new kitchen, keep these budget friendly materials in mind. With a little paint, laminate, vinyl and hardware, you can create the look you have always wanted for a fraction of the cost. It just takes some planning, hard work and some of these essential budget kitchen makeover materials.


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