Thursday, December 14

Dos And Don'ts Of Winter Fashion For Men

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Bracing for the onslaught of wild winter weather with hats, gloves, sweaters, and scarves is rough stuff. And it’s a particularly treacherous time of year for letting your style take a nasty slip and fall. However, wearing a homemade hat with a pom-pom is no easier than sliding on a sleek ski cap. Consider this seasonal survival guide of dos and don’ts of winter fashion a timely present for navigating through the inclement conditions in style.

kal4.jpgThe Dos Of Winter Fashion (Stick with a classic winter hat)

There once was a time when gentleman roamed the land and, no, they didn’t don heinous headwear. The cottage creations may be warm, but they are far from fashion-friendly. Fortunately, simple solutions exist: Basic ski caps, fedoras, newsboy hats, and bowlers keep heat in and foolishness out.
Avoid: Ear muffs, ear warmers, pom-pom hats, anything made by a so-called friend or family member.

The Don’ts Of Winter Fashion (Wear an oversize puffer jacket)

Big, beefy jackets had their heyday years ago – and they didn’t get any second looks back then either. Intuitively, it makes sense that thicker means warmer. You’re better off layering with several well-fitted pieces than a single jacked-up jacket. And for those who just can’t resist puffing up, there are more sensible and slimmer options these days.

Solution: Insulate-lined peacoats, padded and quilted jackets.


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