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Spirits, The Last Unsolved Mystery

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 We have all heard about spirits and Ghosts.Most of us have been told a lot of Ghost stories by grand mother. Some of them were fanci ful, but some had an element of truth. The spirit world is something that exists and as yet has not been fully understood.Recently a strange phenomenon was narrated to me by a friend of mine. He attended a seance, where the medium talked to a young boy who had died in a car accident. The parents of the boy were distraught after the death of their boy and my friend had arranged this seance with a view to help the parents overcome their emotional grief. The parents after the session went away satisfied as the medium also wrote a letter to the parents from the boy.The handwriting was the same as their son. This is certainly a mystery. How could the  boys handwriting be matched ?

Thus definitely there is a spirit world. Ruth Montgomery the famous medium and journalist has vouchsafed that she was in contact with the spirit world. She has written a number of books on the after life and these make compelling reading. It appears she had the gift to communicate with persons who had died.  in fact she claimed that some of teh books were dictated to her by the spirits whith she was in communication with. This is certainly eerie and difficult to explain. Thus the world of spirits does exist, but  very little is known about it.

Most religions accept a spirit world. It appears that a man dies, his soul becomes a spirit. There is no hard and fast rule regarding who will become a spirit or get salvation. But again there are good spirits and bad spirits. Way back almost 2 decades I had occasion to get some experience of the spirit world. I visited my sisters friend at Coimbatore and in subsequent meetings she told me that there were 2 spirits in her house. When the bad spirit came a foul smell would emanate and when the good spirit came, the smell of perfume would fill the room. I myself have sensed these odors. Till date I can think of no rationale explanation for this unique expeience. The odors are still vividly remembered by me. 

The world of spirits is exciting.Only the Indian Yogi’s have some knowledge of this world. They are the men who are in communication with the spirit world. But they do not propogate their knowledge. Thus the mystery of the spirit world has to be unravelled by science only. Perhaps it may be sooner than later.



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