Friday, December 15

Go For Beer Glasses Not Beer Goggles

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No, this isn’t Beer Goggles were talking about here.  Which you can, of course, I get from too many glasses of beer.  The subject here is far more important: Beer Glasses.

For people who are not beer aficionados it may seem odd to have specific glassware for beers. After all isn’t a glass and glass? The fact of the matter is that all beer glasses are NOT equal.  If your sole purpose is to drink a lot of beer and get drunk than the subtle nuances of different beer glassware is probably not for you. But if you enjoy the great taste of specific types of beer, different glassware for different beer types will certainly increase your enjoyment of a good beer.

Is not a beer by another name just as sweet?

So what are the differences with the different types of glasses and stemware?  Different glasses are made to highlight different tastes. Depending upon different ingredients have been proven to create better “head” and other sorts of glasses. The head of the beer keeps evaporating compounds in the beer which create its flavor, aroma and general “taste” from evaporating. Therefore to capture the true spirit of the beer requires a good glass.

♦  Beer Mug

If you only have one type of glass for beer, make it the beer mug (or Stein).  First of all these are great simply for the fact that they hold a lot of beer.  A beer mug is the most versatile of beer glasses. In addition to being a “good” choice for many it is also the ”best” choice for quite a few beers. Beer mugs are generally the best form of beer glasses for many Ales as well as particularly, “strong” beers.

♦  Pilsner Glass

Long and fluted Pilsner glasses are best for light lagers and Pilsner beers.  These tend to be taller 12 ounce glasses starting thing on the bottom and tapering to the larger rim.

♦  Wheat Beer Glass

A wheat beer glass is clearly intended for “wheat” beers as well as Hefeweizen beers.  These classes have a medium-sized base narrowing to a smaller middle and then expanding to a mouth that is wider than the bottom.  Wheat beer glasses are also known as a Weizen glasses.  This glassware has thin walls and has a space at the  top for the express purpose of containing a large head. 

♦  Pint Glass

These glasses come in two sizes, 16 ounce and 20 ounce.  Next to the beer mug this style is the most common and versatile.  A pint glass is great for many Stouts, Ales and some Lagers and Porters.


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