Thursday, December 14

Top Magical Make-Up Tips For Seasonal Fashion

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Masks are a great way to help remove excess oils from the skin. With an oily skin type, clay masks are best because they do not over-dry your skin.

You can make your own clay mask, but that is a bit messy. Always try to look for natural products when choosing a mask. Oatmeal, banana, cucumber, strawberry and yogurt are great for your skin.

Try adding some essential oils like bergamot, sage, lemon, juniper, cedarwood, frankincense, cypress and lavender to get extra benefits out of your mask.

A faster and more effective way to use these oils is by making your own facial steamer and adding these oils to the water, all you need is a bowl big enough so your face will fit over, add your selected oil to the boiling water and then hold your face over the bowl with a towel draped over your head. It’s the best and cheapest home steamer you can get!

Here is a mask recipe to make at home:

kal6.jpgHomemade Honey & Oatmeal Mask

1/2 cup fast cooking oatmeal
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup water

Mix the oatmeal and water in a small bowl, and cook (or microwave). Let the oatmeal cool for about 5-7 minutes then add 1/4 honey. Mix well into a paste and apply the mask to cleansed skin, and let dry. Place two cooled tea bags over your eyes for an even more soothing experience! Wash this mask off after about 15 minutes.

Honey is a natural astringent which helps tighten the skin, while oatmeal is a great oil absorber and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. This mask is definitely a winner for oily skin types.


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