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Alkaline Foods And pH Balance Are Necessary Considerations For Good Health

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From increased energy to the prevention of cancer, alkaline foods and a healthy pH balance have been revered as a cure-all in modern Western culture. While all the benefits of using alkaline foods to keep a healthy pH balance may not yet be fully studied, there is certainly enough anecdotal (and documented) evidence to make the topic essential for overall health and wellness.

Even susceptibility to bone loss and fybromyalgia may be amplified by an unhealthy pH balance in the body. Direct links to these illnesses may have yet to be determined, but for those suffering from their effects, the hope of relief is enough to cause serious consideration for a variety of alternatives. One alternative is to use alkaline foods that help the body maintain a healthy pH balance.

The greatest factor in the acidification of body fluids and tissues is simply the fact that most people do not choose enough alkaline foods. Instead, the typical American diet relies heavily upon acid foods such as animal protein, white flour, sugar, and artificial ingredients.

Unlike alkaline foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, sugary, processed foods and meats are the fuel source for unwanted organisms in the body, such as yeast and bacteria. These intruders feed off of the sugars and proteins consumed. As a result, they excrete a host of toxins that are acid forming. This makes the body work very hard to maintain pH balance, causing internal systems to fight for the alkaline condition that is required for optimal health. Food is not the only contributing factor to improper pH balance, however. Excessive stress can generate the buildup of toxins, too. Environmental pollution may also be blamed for the acidification of many bodies in modern society.

By choosing more alkaline foods, the body has the tools it needs to maintain a healthy pH balance. Replacing acid foods with alkaline foods gives the body a chance to function in a far more natural state. Fungus, bacteria, and yeast will not survive in an alkaline environment. The same can be said for many viruses. When they cannot survive, they are less likely to do damage to the body.

Some of these chronic disorders and diseases have suspected links to the acidification of blood, tissues, and organ systems:

• Colon and Bone Cancers

• Constant Aches and Pains

• Depression

• Arterial Sclerosis

• Multiple Sclerosis

• Osteoporosis

While the concept of totally overhauling the diet is intimidating, it may very well be the most intelligent way to improve overall health. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with slowly but steadily introducing more alkaline foods while removing the acid foods. Some adjustments are simpler than one might even expect. For example, rather than drinking coffee and sodas, which are highly acidic, choose herbal tea and alkaline drinks made with real fruit. Implementing changes like this can be a great start in restoring a healthy pH balance.


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