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I needed a change, so I implemented these five simple time management steps to give me more personal time:
1) make your schedule simple
Start out by simplifying your schedule, this means find things that only need to be done once instead of twice. Learning this simple time management skill will save you a tremendous amount of time. Take for instance cleaning your house. If you clean it once every seven days, try doing it once every 10 days instead. The extra three days leaves lots of extra time to do other things that are more important. Is your house really going to get that much dirtier in three days time. Use the same rule when looking at work projects. Set up your meetings with other clients so that they all fall together. This way you are reducing your travel time immensely.
2) Challenge yourself!
When you set out to start a project, start your project by setting a timeframe to get that project completed in. Buy yourself a little timer and set it for the exact amount of time that you will allow yourself. Set your personal goal and challenge yourself to be able to accomplish that task in that timeframe. Do not allow yourself to be interrupted by phone calls, visitors etc. you will be absolutely amazed at the additional amount of work that you will be able to accomplish in a shorter period of time just by utilizing this simple strategy.
3) Ask more out of 15 min.
Start your day by trying to get at least 15 additional minutes out of every day. Look at your schedule and see what you are losing time at in your current activities. See if there is possibly a less important activity that you could stop doing that could save you 15 min. If you are able to save 15 min. every day, you will in fact have an additional 91 hours every year!
4) Do a list of little activities that don’t take more than a couple minutes.
Do you find that when you’re busy you tend to lose concentration, feel stressed, tired, and maybe in a bad mood? Of course, you want to deal with the important problems first. But when we start out feeling stressed or tired it slows us down tremendously. Start your day with small activities, ones that are easy to accomplish to give you a good feeling by having them accomplished. This simple list of activities will help you push up productivity dramatically. And as you are well aware, it is obviously better to know that you did something small then to realize you haven’t even started anything at all. Sometimes even a small activity done quickly will set you sailing through the rest of your day.

5) When doing large projects, it is better to tell yourself: I will work on this for two hours and see how much I can get done during that interval. Focus on that project to do all that you can possibly do within that two hours time. This is excellent advice to solve problems, and make progress on projects you have avoided lately.
These simple steps will help you dramatically to prioritize your day and get significantly more work done. You will feel more productive, less stressed, and much happier with your progress throughout the day.


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