Wednesday, December 13

Let Your Fashion Transformation Story be Told!

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One of those includes the quest for transformation stories.  That’s right… we want to hear your exciting moments and lifestyle transformations, so now is your chance to shine and share your compelling story with the whole wide world. You should not feel ‘guilty’ about wanting to make a change in your life, whether that includes just your hairstyle, wardrobe, or your whole appearance. 

Getting healthy and feeling good about you is what fashion is all about.  When we talk about ‘fashion’ it means so much more than just clothing. It encompasses all that it means to be fashionable, from dropping a few pounds and living healthier to runway models and calendar pinups. Lest we not forget the designer names and those yet-to-discovered designers, who now have a chance to reveal their skills on a planetary platform.

We’re also searching for brand ambassadors!  What is a brand ambassador?  It is exactly as it sounds… people who are representatives of the Fashion Guilty brand and all that it is to become.  Our goal is to link the world of fashion in a way that has never been done before.  Linking consultants to designers; shoppers to buyers; stylists to clients; media to fashion-related topics; and bringing you the industry’s latest news in the ever changing world of fashion.

Our ideas are new and fresh.  There will be many more, so stay tuned and join us on the fashion revolution.  Become a brand ambassador or tell us your transformation story.  Set up a profile today and be part of our imminent launch, scheduled for Spring, 2011!

Connect and become one of the indulgent Fashion Guilty followers, leaders, greeters and ‘meet’ers!  Here’s to fashion in 2011…  Happy New Year!


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