Monday, December 11

Are You Guilty of Loving Fashion?

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We know we’re not alone in this love of ours.  Our love of fashion has been with us since toddlerhood!  Pink frou-frou skirts and striped socks, curly locks and the perfect tiara to start it all.  Through the years, people sought our advice. On everything fashion; including hair, apparel and beauty tips.

Over time, we have connected with hundreds – if not thousands – of people who share in this love.  They are equally as “guilty” of wanting to look good, feel good and step out into the world in style.  They follow trends and talk about fashion with family and peers.  They watch fashion-minded programs and subscribe to fashion magazines.  Is fashion one of those ‘guilty’ pleasures?  PERHAPS.

Hence, the naissance of FASHIONGUILTY.COM was born! 

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Fashion Guilty website. We are about to embark on something very exciting, and you’re invited!  As one of our very first guests, you will be opened to a world of possibilities, with the underlying goal of reaching as many ‘fashionistas’ as possible from around the globe. 

Even though the world is separated by many boundaries, such as; cultural boundaries, language barriers, physical borders and ethnic diversity, there is one thing that connects us all.  In one way, shape or form, the world is joined by fashion.  It is the one underlying characteristic that we all have respect for, no matter what country we live in or where we are from.  Fashion is at the root of every compliment and it encompasses so much more than just clothing.

Fashion is a mindset.  As we near the launch of our brand new website,, our excitement is growing and so is our curiosity from new visitors.  If you’re reading this, we hope you will join us on this revolution to bring people together on the one subject that everyone can agree on as fun. Fashion!

Raise your hands if you’re guilty of loving fashion!  And join us today.  Soon you’ll meet other like-minded, fashion savvy people who share in our vision and who can connect you with others in the business.

Welcome to a world of Fashion at Fashion Guilty!


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