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Herne Bay Rocks

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Herne Bay Rocks.

Reculver Country Park in Bishopstone GlenReculver Country Park in Bishopstone Glen

I live on the outskirts of Herne Bay, in the Reculver country park area, which is totally beautiful and unspoilt by time and progress. Walking through this wooded area, which is both cool and pleasant whilst the temperatures soar, it feels tranquil.

The Oyster trail, which stretches from Bishopstone to Reculver Towers , is made use of by dog walkers and holiday makers, and once Reculver is reached, there is a museum and visitors centre which proves to be very popular. The King Ethelbert Inn serves very reasonable and tasty food, both at lunchtime, and in the evening.

Down in Herne Bay town, there are adequate shops for general needs, and several supermarkets within easy reach. If you need department stores, and retail outlets with easy parking outside, then Canterbury is within 7 miles.

There is an indoor swimming pool in the town, various activities on the pier, amusements for children on the beach such as trampolines, and a merry go round, with pitch and putt outside the ice cream kiosk along the front. There are also the amusement slot machines, and plenty of good pubs and restaurants.

There are also events in the bandstand, which is a very interesting building, which dates back to the last century, and not forgetting the Kings Hall, which stages many different variety shows, with its own dining area for Sunday lunch, and is situated close to the downs. Next to the swimming pool, there is the cinema, with always a choice of 3 films to see.

The people of Herne Bay are both friendly and welcoming whether you are visiting, or on holiday, it feels like home. Within recent years, the fields in Bishopstone which contained very old caravans now have new and affordable houses on them. These developments have helped to bring people of all ages to live in the area, so it is not just a retirement area, which I find very pleasing.

The Memorial Park down in the town has tennis courts, and a small model boat lake, and in August Herne Bay stages a wonderful carnival, and has many interesting things to do. If you are looking for somewhere nice to spend a holiday, then you won’t be disappointed. We boast of the best weather in the country in our little corner, with very little rain. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


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