Saturday, December 16

Sportrak Pro Gps

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               Transmission accurate to within 3 meters, the SporTrak features 9 large graphic navigation displays to see and view all the information users need to get to your destination and back, securely and safely adding a new level of enjoyment to your outdoor adventure.

                Your SporTrak GPS receiver is an indispensable navigation and a great companion when hiking, biking, hunting, boating, fishing or on any extreme outdoor adventure. The SporTrak gives you all the great edge and advantages of GPS in a full set of features: The SporTrak finds your current location with a super-sensitive quadifiler helix antenna that seeks and tracks up to 12 GPS satellites simultaneously at the same time. Assisted by the U.S. Wide Area Augmentation System or WAAS, the SporTrak is accurate to within 3 meters or even better.

                An intuitive interface and huge keyboard provides direct access to its key features, putting the power and advantages of GPS at your fingertips. Worldwide cities area database Start navigating right away with a database of 11,000 all over the world. Full Featured Navigation 9 large customizable graphic navigation displays show a map, speedometer, compass and text readouts of heading, speed, bearing, direction, ETA, and more. Choose from 12 built-in coordinate hi-tech systems and 76 datums including Universal Transverse Mercator, Latitude/Longitude,  and Military Grid Reference System.

                SporTrak Pro is the best and ultimate in lightweight GPS. Waterproof and rugged, it is the real ideal travel companion for hiking, hunting, backpacking, fishing and other outdoor activities. With a huge high-contrast screen, it’s easy to see where you are navigating and going or access the 7 navigation screens. It’s compact enough to fit in your small pocket, but packed with 32 MB of memory for downloading different types of maps, points of interest and destinations.


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