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Watch "sabel" (Abs-Cbn Primetime Bida) Online, Jessy Mediola , Dec 30, 2010

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About Jessica Mendiola:

Jessica Mendiola Tawile (born December 3, 1992), credited by her screen names Jessey Mendiola, Jessie Mendiola and Jessy Mendiola is a Filipina actress. Mendiola was born in the United Arab Emirates where her father used to work. She is the second of three siblings, her mother is Filipina while her father is British-Lebanese. She was three years old when her mother moved and brought her and her elder sister to the Philippines. Her mother left her father due to undisclosed reasons. Her younger sister was born in the Philippines when her parents reconciled. Her parents eventually separated for the second and last time. She remains in contact with her father, who now works overseas. Mendiola studied elementary along with her elder sister in Our Lady of Mercy School in Quezon City and high school in that same school.

About Sabel:

When Choleng (Glydel Mercado) fell in love with a priest Julio (Tonton Gutierrez) her life darkened when the townspeople got back at her when they found out Julio and Choleng were going to leave their community. They were thinking that Julio would leave his responsibilities in his home town where the village needed help and prayer to heal love ones.

On the night they ran away with their soon to be born child to start a new life, a storm changed everything and Julio gets into an accident leading him to his death. That night as Sabel was born and with Julio’s death, the townspeople think Choleng’s daughter was a curse as bad things occur. She decided to not argue and refuses and ignores the problems around her. She decided to give Sabel a better future by leaving the village and start a new life.

As Sabel (Jessy Mendiola) grew up she becomes a fighting young woman. She fights for her family, and even for love. A solace she finds this into Dido (AJ Perez)  and Raymund (Joseph Marco) but time comes again when she will follow into the same situation her mother was in. (Wikipedia)

Here’s the Part 1/4 of Sabel 12-30-10:


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