Thursday, December 14

It Is Possible That Zune Can Beat The Ipod

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We have seen plenty of hype during the release of the Zune player and according to Microsoft this portable media device from them is going to be iPod killer. The fact remains that it may not be that simple. However there are some reasons which makes us believe that that Zune can be successful. Some of them have already been announced by the company and one of them is still on our wish list. Let us check out the reasons below.

Wi-Fi connectivity- Portable media players are seeing new levels with the introduction of the Zune by Microsoft. It comes with the Wi-Fi feature which will enable the user to socialize inside their music world. The social websites have attracted a lot of attention in the past few years and this feature has been integrated in this portable device. When you have Zune, this part of the trend also becomes “portable”. It may seem quite boring to exchange videos and songs but when you do it with your Zune and at the Wi-Fi network speed it can be quite exciting for the younger generation. On the other hand the DRM or Digital Rights Management feature can get frustrating for the young users.

Integrated Marketplace- Zune Marketplace which is subscription base can really become a real high intensity feature. The ability to access database of latest music online without the need to download it initially on the computer can develop the Zune player a true and the foremost “portable media device”. There is another significant feature of the Zune Marketplace, which is the capability to download any number of songs you need and want at a flat rate. If the users are able to access the Zune Marketplace by way of a public Wi-Fi network this will be true technology and a big music high.

VoIP Phone- This is the feature which is in our wish list and has not been declared by Microsoft as yet, but this can become the cherry on the icing if it is made available. Can you imagine your Wi-Fi portable gadget which is able to connect via the internet so that you are able to access the VoIP network? It may be too tough to develop this feature as many of the hardware, except the microphone which is required are already available in the Zune. A VoIP phone in fact will be much simpler to release as compared to an actual mobile phone which will need much more integration as well as approvals.


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