Monday, December 11

The Metaphysics of Kant

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In particular Kant believed that the mind possessed innate universal categories that organized our perceptions and made them intelligible .Some philosophers rejected Kant’s insights but others considered them revolutionary. The romantics were especially influenced by Kant. The romantics agreed with Kant that the mind shapes and creates the world we perceive but they disagreed with him about the categories of the mind being universal. Instead they believed that an individual’s culture, language and life history created the mental categories that constructed his world. The romantic philosopher Wilhelm von Humboldt believed that language in particular created the categories we use to organize our perceptions. According to Humboldt people with different cultures and different languages perceived the world in radically different ways. Modern anthropologists and other social scientists have also subscribed to this theory. Some anthropologists that studied primitive tribes believed that primitive people saw the world very differently from modern man. Scientists and philosophers that share the view that our mind constructs the world we perceive are called constructivists. All modern constructivists can trace their views back to Kant.


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