Thursday, December 14

The Indian Prime Minister And The All Pervading Corruption

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The Indian Prime Minister Sardar Manmohan Singh heads the Indian government. Kushwant Singh, the notable writer in a column  mentioned that we have a prime Minster who cannot even win a Panchayat election, let alone a Parliamentary seat. Thus we are saddled with a prime Minister who is not a mass leader, nor does he have any following. It is indeed a sad commentary on Indian democracy that a man can head a government of 1200 million people, who has no mass base and is just a puppet in the hands of others. Obviously if Manmohan Singh cannot even win a Panchayat election, he must be beholden to some people who have put him in that chair.

A Beholden PM

Manmohan is Prime Minister courtesy the Gandhi family, notably Sonia Gandhi and Rahul. Obviously he is severely hampered in his performance and the man who cannot even win a Panchayat election is beholden to Sonia Gandhi for his chair. This has its own limitations and the honest Sardar (I will grant that he is honest) is severely hemmed in his field of work. In addition it does appear he has no say in the ongoing corruption scandals. At each and every stage the Sardar has echoed, what he is told to articulate. One really wonders whether he believes in his own statements, which are so naïve as to border on looking foolish.

The Ineffective PM

Take any case whether the Common wealth games mess or the appointment of the CVC and the scandalous actions of the telecommunication minister; the Sardar has cut a sorry figure. I would have died laughing on a bed of nails at the follies of the Prime Minister, but the issue is too serious for jokes. The country has been denuded of thousands of crores and the Prime Minister is issuing bland statements for press consumption as India burns with corruption. Reminds me of the famous emperor Nero, who fiddled his harp as Rome burned.

The CBI Raids

The Prime Minister has the Central Bureau of Investigation reporting directly to him. Thus the fact that the CBI carried out some raids on the tainted individuals after a lapse of many months is nothing short of a shocker. Perhaps the delay in these raids has more to do with the persons passing orders to the prime Minister than his independent opinion. However the time has come for the PM to act. The drift may damage the nation beyond measure and Manmohan may end as foot note in history as the man who let India drift to disaster.


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