Sunday, December 17

Xotica Synth Access Guitar

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              Digital music is usually called electronic music. This music is made up of digital signals subjected to various digital processes to replicate in its original analog sound. A digital signal consists 2 levels of only 0 and 1. This signal is transmitted into bits, each bit 0 or 1.To change and convert an analog signal to digital a converter analog to digital format used to convert a digital signal to analog format and digital-analog changers are used. Digital music is without distortion, without sound, by far and rebuild original analog form is a simple process. Digital music has become well known because of its advantages in the production, recording and distribution.

                A nice example is the Xotica EA-2. The EA-2 Synth Access Guitar is a steel string electric acoustic with the addition of MIDI synth. Designed for the high powered electric guitar. The EA-2 has a chambered Walnut case with a Cherry top. With a Walnut neck with a Macassar Ebony fret board. Action, comfort and playability is guaranteed to please any professional or armature guitarist. The onboard piezo pickup can be used w/or w/o a MIDI/Synth interface. By plugging it to a regular 1/4 inch guitar cable into the EA-2 you can play the guitar through any PA or small amp. The active EQ electronic circuits allow for full bottom end which will make the guitar sound like a full size classic acoustic.

                The EQ features a Mid Sweep that present incredible EQ power for the perfect classic acoustic tone on any amplification. The EA-2 can be plugged and play into a guitar synth module using a simple 13 pin cable. This provides both acoustic and synth sounds to be created using the one 13-pin cable. The EA-2 has a volume control so the guitar player can define the volume of both the MIDI synth and acoustic tone access sound separately. The EA series works extremely well when plugged in to a PC with amp modeling software.


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