Tuesday, December 12

Why People Die …

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          Every day they are born and die on earth so many people. Death is as natural as life. A person lives to 70, 80 years or more. There are many individuals who have over 100 years. Registered absolute record was Jeanne Calment (1875-1997) who lived 122 years and 164 days. 
         But unfortunately they are very many cases of premature death of people who die very young. What is the cause of premature death?I found some of the main causes of premature death and some statistics. 


A study of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) in 2007 stated that 124,000 people died of cardiovascular disease which is equal to 33%. (Taken at random country) in 2004, WHO said in a report that the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease worldwide was 17.1 million people with a growth forecast for 2030 up to 23.4 million cases 


-Number of deaths from this disease is a growing. Researchers endeavor to find a cure for this problem. If in 2004 the WHO declared a total of 7.4 million cases, the projection for 2030 will be 11.8 million cases. 


-Surprising is that road accidents cause more casualties than armed conflicts. For 2004 the global number of victims caused by road accidents was 1.3 million with growth forecast to 2.4 million for 2030. 
Statistics declare that 30% of deaths worldwide are caused by these three cases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, road accidents. In a future article I’ll write about how you can reduce the risk of premature death in your life. 
                           Enjoy life to the fullest, but with responsibility. Life is fragile! Good luck! 


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