Friday, December 15

Avoid Rape And Robbery in Karachi

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Presently Pakistan is becoming more difficult to live in as the crime rate is increasing. There are more mobile phone snatching, robberies and rape cases etc. As Karachi is the largest city of the Country, its population is increasing day by day due to urbanization, people are migrating to Karachi in search of work. In the process there are more people in the city that can be fed by it. Moreover lawlessness and distance between elite and poor is increasing. There is hardly any middle class now. That is the reason these robberies and rape cases are increasing as the people are frustrated. Further there are big groups which are actually trying to take advantage of the situation and sabotaging the peace of the city.

A few days ago two girls were coming back from a party in the area of DHA in the late hours when there car was hit by another car and the girls were taken away in an unknown area.  One of them was raped by these people and they were also robbed.

In this environment if you have live in Karachi you have to be a little bit extra careful regarding your movement, timing of movement, exposure of roads and leisure activities.  Here are a few important things you must and must not do.

  1. You must try and avoid odd timings

  2. Do not go out in late hours

  3. Do not walk on the footpath in dark sights instead take main roads with lights

  4. Do not wear expensive jewelry especially gold to go to weddings but if it is necessary than please remove the jewelry on the way back to home.

  5. Do not stop during drive in dark streets

  6. If a car hits you in the late hours do not stop your car and keep driving until you reach at a safe place


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