Thursday, December 14

Pretty in a Jiffy

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The first step to looking great is sporting healthy, radiant skin by eating right and taking care of your skin. But, when in a hurry, splash cold water on your face, which helps constrict the blood vessels and reduces puffiness. A good moisturizer and make-up primer let your make-up stay on longer.

  • Eye spy:  Our eyes can reveal that we are tire, frustrated or unhappy. Dark under-eye circles can kill your look. Invest in a good concealer. Further, a touch of kajal and a sweep of mascara can open up the eyes.
  • Get cheeky: Whether you have pale or dusky skin, a dash of blush is a must. A cream or liquid based blush goes on faster, than a powder-based one. For the day, stick to a matt pink color and at night try to be more sparkly and dramatic.
  • Lip talk: Use a good lip balm, especially during the winter season. Go for a gloss based lip color a ready shine. Some lipsticks also come with a moisturizing formula.
  • Nailing it: Dirty or unkempt nails can ruin your look. Use a buffer to make them shiny. If that doesn’t help, paint over them. A pretty red or pink shade can cover the unsightly dirt in your nails and make them freshly manicured. Use a quick-dry varnish formula to make it quicker.
  • Hairy tales: Hide oiliness, by sprinkling some baby powder on the scalp and then combing through. For dry hair, use a leave-in conditioner and then top it up serum for shine. Messy hair can be quickly tied in a neat ponytail. Use mousse or gel to scrunch wavy hair to create pretty curls.

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