Thursday, December 14

Building Your Online Business

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When someone joins your list, it does not mean that they know nothing about your niche or have no experience on the Internet.

In fact, if you have been online for less than a year it is much more likely that your prospects know at least as much as you do about your topic. Instead of making them feel like you are the one with all of the knowledge and they are the ones who will learn from you, think about it as a way to build a relationship with them and to learn from each other in a mutually respectful way.

Encouraging them to email you with questions and comments and holding regular teleseminars will help you to find out who has information that may be of interest to your other prospects and clients. Once you have identified these people, ask them if you can interview them. This can be an excellent way of sharing information and resources, as well as finding future joint venture partners.

I was fortunate enough to connect with some experts who had joined my list from the very beginning. We were able to interview each other and grow our lists more quickly as a result. I then set out to find out what other hidden talents I could find from among my prospects. It turned out that many were published authors, public speakers, and entrepreneurs who had much more experience than I had. We continue to help each other in our quest to build our online businesses. Most recently I have connected with one of my students who is an action habits coach. This means that she helps people to take action with what they are learning on the Internet, saving them money, raising their self-esteem, and helping them to make better choices about building their own businesses.

Right now I am coaching her to increase her visibility and her income so that she may help even more people. The bottom line is that we are all working together to achieve our goals each day. Find out as much as you can about the people on your list, and then work alongside one another to develop a web of people who will help each other to increase their marketing efforts exponentially. Interview them as a part of your business and promote each other on the Internet so everyone will benefit.


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