Monday, December 18

Earn For Family

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       Basically, a man should be the breadwinner while the wife manages the household expenses with the money man for understanding that his wife does not work.  But in these modern times where technology rules our lives, the elements that were considered a luxury for the rich daily necessities So now mom and dad both work to ensure a sufficient income, then, essentially, is now supporting and the cost of managing the household was made, but I know from experience that most women take care of household consumption, while men take care on things like home care / ownership and holidays, etc.

1. Both my wife and I are responsible for our own income and money, but we did so that if something happens to us all, the other board money.  We believe it is important to control our own income, but consider it a normal thing anyway.  That’s what we both have a sense of independence and confidence that we have something that will not have to ask another for money.  I do not think it’s a good thing for anyone to have to do, but I know this is not the opinion of every body, but works well for us.

2. I think it depends entirely on your family situation and what makes most sense for you.  My sisters have always left their jobs when they have their babies.  Children are not old enough to go to school, so I’m not sure if I’m going back to work when they are older or not.  My brother is a stay at home because my dad is blind, and his wife has always been very strong and independent.  I am a woman, and I can earn maximum income from my husband and me.

3. Well, it has always been the man in the society dominated by people so far.  Men have always dominated the production of the family so far, but I do not care if my wife or a woman earns more than me that women today have gone out and been successful in almost all areas.  Today, women find jobs easily in contrast to men.  I would definitely make more than my wife, but if the opposite is the case, do not care and I would be happy even if she earns more than me, as a reality today with the money that the inflation problem is and no matter how you win    

Making money is important today to discuss the matter trivial and satisfy our ego.  Women are generally good at budgeting and management of hospitality.  But men can do very well when it comes to budgeting and household.  Therefore, depending on the scenario of evolution, I do not care if a woman earns more than a man, or if a man does things like budgets and other things, in fact, both can help each other and it is important in a relationship, so I was able  to win more than my wife would probably be good anyway

4. Today, I think the woman is to preserve the family budget, while the man is the only supplier, but there are cases where women have jobs and the man stays at home and one man to handle the budget.  Of course you can not require women to run this case, if the livelihood and of course she wants the man to take care of this.  Because our lives are now full of conflicts and problems in life, there is a question that will keep the family income during the time they have good knowledge on this subject.  But I think the point of the Bible, the man must be the guardian, and must provide for your family, while women will be an assistant to man in any way, of course, women will not be a robot, which determines what is good for her, but all  is still the man is the most important ruler of the family.  Since the world we live in require different, therefore, decide whether you want to lose sight of his status, characteristics, availability, etc. will follow the dictates of the world or precepts of the Bible?

5. Personally, I agree with the tradition that women should stay home and raise children while her husband works.  But with today’s economy, which is not always possible.  Most of us need two incomes coming into the house.  My husband was the sole provider for a while I stayed home.  Reached the point that began to fall behind in our bills I had to find a job, but we are still struggling to make ends meet.  It would be nice to live comfortably with just a paycheck, but I do not see that happening, at least not for us.


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