Tuesday, December 12

How to Support How-To Authors

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How to Support Freelance How-to Writers

Generally freelance writers are paid based on the formula developed to compensate the freelance writer. For the most part, the formula used to compensate freelance writers on how-to sites are unique to each site. Here are some common ingredients in the formula:

1. The amount of traffic generated by the published article

2. The amount of traffic to sponsoring advertisers

3. Purchases that are made to sponsoring advertisers

The purpose of this article is to give tips on how to support freelance how-to writers and the following is tips on how to show that support.

1. Read the how-to article.

2. Rate the article.

3. Make constructive comments on the article when it is appropriate.

4. Visit one or more of the sponsoring advertisers by clicking on their ads that surround the article.

5. Conduct business with the sponsoring advertiser if the advertise has something that you want.

Note: Please click on ads that you are actually interested in and not just any random ad. Doing this will increase the chance that you will conduct business with the sponsoring advertiser.

By performing the steps above you help the author achieve max earning for his/her articles. It will also give the author an idea how he/she is doing with their efforts.


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