Wednesday, December 13

Ghost Deep Night Perfume Review

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I must have been a very good girl this year as Santa decided he would bring me perfume for Christmas, not one large bottle but 5! I did get a lovely collection and have to say he must have spent a fortune. I have never really had a favourite perfume so the choice I have is great as it means I can change depending on what mood I am in. The one which I am reviewing now is the Ghost Deep Night perfume. The bottle is lovely to look at it is a deep purple colour and is shaped like a crescent moon. The tip of the bottle is easy to remove and there is a spray top under this. The perfume name is on the bottom of the bottle in white lettering.

It is very simple to use the perfume and to do this you just have to spray it where required. I usually spray once on my neck and then on each of my wrists and I find this is enough. The staying power is good and I find that after a good few hours of initially spraying this I am still able to smell it and it has not faded.

The smell is wonderful and my initial thought when smelling this is of a light musky scent with a hint of floral. I have looked on the internet for help with the notes for this perfume and they are as follows:-

Heart Notes – Apricot, Peach, White Wood
Top Notes – Cereus, Rose
Base Notes – Amber, Vanilla
Scent – Floral

The mix of these notes makes for a lovely smell which can be wore for a variety of occasions. There is a lovely feel of mystery to the smell and I do like how it feels quite sensual to ware. This may feel like an evening perfume as it has a good lasting fragrance but I am more than happy and comfortable wearing this during the daytime as it is not too over powering at all. There is definitely a feminine feel to this perfume where as some do have a mixture and hint of masculinity to them but this one certainly does not.

I find it is easy to ware and it is absorbed easily into the skin. I have not had any reactions for using this perfume and have in only a few days had a good few compliments on how good it smells.

The price of the perfume is not known to me but I have looked on line and found that for the 50ml bottle size which I have it is around the £30 mark. I do feel that this is a good price as this perfume can be worn for so many different occasions and it I not just for the evenings or going out. I am happy to recommend this perfume and give it the full 5b stars as I love it. I do feel that you cannot go wrong with this even for the price tag as it will suit all.

You can ask for a sample of this in the perfume shops and if you are undecided I would say this would be the way to go. Recommended by me.


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