Saturday, December 16

Protect Your Health

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At present all of us are using internet facility. using internet and viewing the monitor for a long period may

affect the health of the viewer. Especially for students and professionals, we should take rest at various intervals

and should continue our task.

we should give more importance for the electical wiring and the position of plugs which should be kept out of

reach of the children and proper earthing should be done.

Suitable filters should be used in front of the monitor for screening of unwanted rays coming from the computer

sufficient ventilation  and lighting should be provided in the room. The working table sbould be sufficiently

kept  in a high leavel with a proper seating facility so that the staff should not get back pain of head ache by

continuiously using the computers. No eatbles or drinking  materials should be kept inside the working

room in order to avoid any problems due to rats and ants inside the room. All the safety measures should

be properly taken and then only childern below the age of fourteen ca n be allowed to work in front of the

computers with internet facility. The adult sites should be properly blocked using filter programmes and then

children to be allowed.


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