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Some Your Favorite Film Stars

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The best actors

*Successful film stars, musicians and singers have t work very that these famous film stars are?

The great Film star Dilip Kumar

The great actor Dilip Kumar’s father a fruit seller. His first few films were flops and people said that he could not act. He worked very hard and became a super star.

Famous star Prithviraj Kapur 

Although his father, Prithviraj Kapur, was already a star, this actor was made to start his career in films right from the bottom- as a clapper boy without a salary! Even then, this young man made sure that his hair was always neatly combed and he looked smart.

Because of this, he once delayed the shooting and was slapped by the director. He went on to become a great actor and director. He was Prithviraj Kapur.

Ghazni Aamir Khan 

His name means `the one who leads’. As a child, he used to spend all his pocket money on borrowing library books, because he wanted to know more and more. He spent weeks and months trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube. He didn’t give up till solved it. Now, he does one film at a time, because he wants tone the best. This actor’s name is Aamir Khan.

Comedian Johnny Lever

The famous comedian Johnny Lever had no ob and no money in his pocket. He lived in a Mumbai slum with many other people like him. But he knew that he could make people laugh. So he kept improving on his `acts’. Today is rich and famous.


Madhavan is a famous actor from south India. He studied very hard to become an engineer. He found the time to learn Hindi and present TV shows. He is serious about everything he does.


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