Saturday, December 16

Benefits of Smoking.

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You know smoking is bad for you, even a newly joined school student knows about it.

But everyone also knows that cheese burgers are bad for you and continue to scarf them down.

The benefits of cheeseburgers may be hearty taste, juicy, delicious any other?

But then what are the benefits of smoking?

You heard that smoking is bad for your health but then why is everyone smoking in the first place & how smokers stand with thousands of reasons NOT to quit smoking.

Nicotine is very addictive, but that’s not the reason to carry on with smoking. Smoking has a lot of benefit emotionally and biologically.


Smoking reduces stress:

This is one of the common reasons which you hear from smokers. This is because cigarette has the capacity to create a myriad of conditions which helps the body to deal with stress, depression.

Outside Smoke Breaks Calm You Down

If you go outside for smoke breaks, this simple thing can really help you to fight stress. Say you have a fight with your spouse or you are at the deadline of your project work, going outside for smoking can make you feel better.

You can get break from your stressor.

You get into open and fresh air.

You actually leave the stressful environment.

You have lot of time to think of your objectives, problems etc.

The surroundings i.e. the nature the sky helps you to calm down and relax.

 Nicotine is an Anxiety and Depression Medication

Nicotine in cigarettes is the major reason for helping in fighting with stress. Nicotine is a kind of chemical which temporarily stops the feelings of depression and anxiety.

After an inhale of cigarette smoke, the nicotine reacts in your brain chemistry within seven seconds. 

Nicotine helps you brain to feel better and stops the feelings like depression etc.

It is not a surprise that 1/3 of nicotine addicts claim to have depression or anxiety problems. Cigarettes are a great form of self medication which makes you feel better and helps in reconcentrating.  

Here I am not advising you to start smoking but there are very few people who can figure out some good points form a bad points and I tried doing that.

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Have a superb New Year!


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