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Effective Ways To Lose Weight in 5 Days

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One of the most nerve racking, anxiety inducing social situations that we face are those that we feel we aren’t physically prepared for in the sense of looking and feeling our best. And while I do know lots of men who find themselves needing to lose weight fast for a special occasion… I think that the women in the house can universally agree, this is an anxiety felt FAR more often by females! Be it the first big beach weekend, a special party we weren’t prepared for, or even something as simple as a blind date, EVERY woman understands the feeling of having to fit into some garment of clothing on VERY short notice that may be challenging…

But we all know it can be done, so there is hope! If you need to lose weight in 5 days for ANY occasion, it can pretty much be done without fail, across all shapes, sizes and ages.

Successful and permanent weight loss takes time and involves a long-term lifestyle change. Yet occasionally you don’t have the luxury of time but need to fit into that dress or those pants in just a few days. There are ways to lose weight in 5 days without sacrificing your health for the sake of a fad diet.


Reduce your food intake from Day 1. Whether you count calories, carbs or fat grams is not important. Pay attention to your hunger. Eat only when hungry, chew your food well, and eat only to the point of satisfying your hunger. Even a slight reduction in the amount of food you normally eat should start your losing weight almost immediately.

Day 2 : Change your diet immediately. Go grocery shopping and buy enough healthy food to last the entire 5 days. Buy healthy meals, healthy snacks and plenty of the foods you most like that are good for you. Eliminate all white sugar and refined grains, including white flour and white rice. Lower your intake of carbohydrates while increasing your intake of protein sources and green and red vegetables. Any carbohydrates you eat should be whole grain. Read all food labels to check the ingredients. Reduce your intake of very starchy vegetables such as white potatoes and corn.

Day 3 : Don’t think you have to eat only low-fat foods or low-calorie foods. Do, however, reduce your fat intake overall and make sure you’re eating high-quality fat. Consume moderate amounts of monounsaturated fat, such as extra virgin olive oil, and fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon.

Day 4 : Begin an aerobic exercise program on Day 1 as well. Swimming is one of the best exercises for losing weight in general, and is very helpful if you want to lose weight in 5 days. Work out on a treadmill, walk or hike outside, use an elliptical machine, go bicycling or use an exercise bike. Start by getting 10 to 15 minutes of aerobic exercise once or twice a day, and increase by a few minutes every day. If you’re already exercising a few times a week, exercise more frequently, ideally daily.


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