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Make The Motivation to Lose Weight Short Term For Long Term Rewards

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The decision to lose weight needs to be a conscious long term decision, one that involves lifestyle change and plenty of barriers and obstacles. There is a mountain to climb, one that has crags and handholds where our illusions of personal safety will be threatened at every turn. The weight loss road has bandits hiding behind every rock, as if orchestrated by a sadistic GM. With a public relations campaign like that, it’s a wonder that there aren’t more people out there with no motivation to lose weight.

There aren’t very many people who are geared toward the long term. There are folks who don’t get married in the traditional sense because they realize the inherently changing nature of the world. You cannot commit yourself to the death when you cannot conceive of time past tomorrow morning.

So, cognitively, people will glance at the notion of lifestyle change and embrace it. Of course, these folks have been told of the pitfalls and troubles, trials and tribulations which must be faced. The back of the brain, the one which controls the motivation to lose weight and survival aspects of our lives, looks at the prospect of lifetime change and says a resounding no.

As a result, the weight loss journey has more internal hurdles than external ones. You are your greatest foe, after all. You know your own weaknesses. We rarely embark on something which we consider hard without the acknowledgement and assurance that the reward will be worth the fight. Sure, the conscious brain appreciates the reward, but the skeptical part well… remains skeptical.

Those who are truly determined and posses intrinsic motivation to lose weight will lose weight despite the hurdles and the sadistic GM includence. They possess the ability to persuade the internal critic. They realize, whether cognitively or not, that both parts of the brain working on the problem works out a lot better than a single part.

For the rest of us, there are some things which we can do to increase the chances of weight loss success. Shifting the time frame is one of the best ways to make the journey. Take the weight loss goal away from the realm of aggravating, pitfall frought work and move it to being a small block of time which at the worst is slightly nagging.

Ten minutes here and there

Ten minutes here and there is better than the rest of your natural life. Spending those ten minutes makes you feel good for the day. You can readily commit to doing it tomorrow. You can feel good about yourself that at least you did something toward your weight loss.

Pick small tasks

Pick small tasks which have a built in success rate. You might consider this to be low hanging fruit. Regardless of where you picked it, you’re still eating, are you not? For the super obese, start off with standing up for eleven minutes. For the more active, walk around the house for eleven minutes. Do it just enough to say that you have done it, then go back to whatever you find to be more enjoyable.

Compare yourself to yourself

Sure, there are your personal heroes, and they have been down the road that you’re on. Thinking that you’re not doing something fast enough can entice you to quit. “Well, I’ve only lost a pound and X had already lost two.’ So what? You’re still losing weight. Don’t weigh yourself as often.

When summoning the motivation to lose weight, bring it to a more localized level. You’re in it for today and tomorrow. Tiny things are important. Soon enough, you will see some of the rewards occur and want to keep doing it on your own. For now, though, pick the small tasks and remember that it’s just for today.

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