Travel Tips to Bali- The Island of Gods

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Bali is an island / province, located in the state of Indonesia. Bali is also known in the world of international tourism as the island is often in the visit by tourists from overseas, especially for Japanese, Australia, the United States. In addition, also known as the island of gods by the people of Indonesia. Bali’s population is currently estimated that about 4 million people, the majority of the population is Hindu Bali confession of 92.3% and the rest follow other religions.

I am very impressed with the island of Bali, which has beautiful beaches (Kuta, Sanur, Nusa dua, and Jimbaran), various culture, music, dance, clothing and food made simpler and more unique charm has retired.

Bali has become a major tourist destination. Almost all corners of Bali, including small islands in the area, the schedule has been lacking. But you yearn for what should be done and can not be done in Bali?

Keep your valuables goods. Crime continues to increase, some tourists have also become victims. Your goods and important documents should be left alone in the hotel. If you need to be taken, not inadvertent, purse or backpack should always be in the range of your attention.

Respect the group doing a religious procession walk slowly. Do not ever sound the horn.

Do it bargain when shopping, unless the goods are sold already listed price.

DO NOT give attention or try to neutralize those who offer goods or services (such as foot massage service at the beach) if you are not interested or do not have plans to buy or use their services.

WHEN swim at the beach, do not swim in prohibited areas have been marked, because the sea currents can be very swift. Swim between the red and yellow flag. 

DO NOT take drugs.
SPECIAL to women, do not enter the shrine if you are experiencing menstruation.

IF you attend the religious rituals, and use the glove tape, do not walk in front of people who are praying, do not use flash when taking a picture with the camera, and never sit higher than the curate who led the ceremony.

WHILE crossing the road, do not forget to think left-right, the car may have stopped but the motorcycle may not. So, be careful. Happy holiday!


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