Wednesday, December 13

High Search Engine Ranking Optimization

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Article writers, blog writers and website creators!  Is your head spinning trying to figure out how to get your articles, blogs and websites indexed to the major search engines?  Do you need to learn about high search engine optimization?  Do you get frustrated not knowing what you need to do to help get your articles, blogs and websites indexed with a high search engine page rank?  Search engine placement is vital to organic traffic.

I’m here to share with you how I got a 50% increase of visitors to my articles, blogs and websites and a 50% increase with the revenue I earn online.  I put to practice what I read and what I was told to continue to learn and understand how successful webmasters do receive a high search engine placement of their URLs.

The first step I suggest you do before you write any article, blog or create a website is to research the keywords or phrases you want to use within your content.  Go to and compare the keywords or phrases your considering using within your title and content.  In the word or phrase field, type in a few keywords and phrases you want to research then type the capture to see the results.  The results will show and then you should click on the Columns Tab which is located at the top right side of the first result and check the box Estimated Avg. CPC then Save and you will see a column of the Estimated Avg. CPC.  Try to use keywords and phrases that are higher in price.  Using keywords and phrases that have a high Cost Per Click gives you more of an opportunity to receive a higher percentage when a visitor clicks on an Adsense ad.

Putting to practice what you just read above will help you when using other publisher networks such as Chitika, MountainViewClicks and PubMarketPlace for examples.  Do research before you start to write and decide what tags/keywords you want to use and use those keywords within your title and content.  It will make a positive difference to your generated revenue.

When I first started to write articles, blogs and created websites, I focused on using keywords/phrases that received the most searched results but the Cost Per Click for the most searched for keywords/phrases paid very little and that meant the percentage I earned from a click was very low.  I changed my way of researching keywords/phrases and I’ve had a huge increase to the revenue I earn online and noticed that my articles, blogs and websites started to receive a higher search engine ranking.

I hope my tips help you understand how to optimize your articles, blogs and websites to receive a better search engine placement.  You can write about almost any topic and put to practice using this keyword/phrase technique to receive better search engine placement by making your articles, blogs and websites more search engine friendly.


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