Friday, December 15

Education System

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In this modern ara ,every single person wants to build up his or her life and upto date with the modern fesilities.

In order to achieve this goal he or she stuggle from thier childhood ,but a numbers of such students cant able to achieve their goals due to many reasons like poor planning , carelessness , finantial problems,and many more but in this reason one reason is that which is very important but 95% peoples ignore it and cant concentrate on this matter

Education system have a great role in the life of students if this system is well and good and up to date with the internation and modern standards than its provide more and more fesilities to the students.

The main and first priority of that system is to support that students that cant afford the fee burden of higher education.In the reacant survay by the foreign members the point come to khnw that 90% of students whom are brilient in their studies cant carry on thier studies only because of the fee burden because their parents cant afford this.

The only need is that that system compose of large numbers of fesilities for students like scholarships ,fee relaxation and many more.


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