Tuesday, December 12

Who Are Your Personal Heroes?

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Personal heroes are individuals who serve as examples for overcoming challenges. They are the ones who show that goals can be made, pursued, and achieved. These are people who took no shortcuts to get what they wanted, and persevered in the face of self doubt. Heroes are individuals who push through to the other side.

Heroes are human, but are determined and persistent. They are humble teachers who do not insist that others follow. They present the path that they pursued. Heroes are seen in the buddhas of the world, the mothers who make sure that their children are raised properly, the artist who is finally pursuing their own childhood dreams.

The flaws of the hero are transformed into strengths, and every failure is seen as an opportunity for growth because of the determination and persistence that are shown. Teachers who overcame personal learning disabilities make better teachers. Stutterers can make great orators, because they were made to learn how to speak.

Look to reality shows like the Biggest Loser to find the heroes in weight loss. For the motivational weight loss stories, read Sparkpeople and other forums. Accept that you are the way that you are and decide to make the personal change. That is the best starting point. Realize that others are out there and will help you along the way.

Allow those heroes to serve as the motivation to lose weight. Draw their examples into your personal mythos to inspire you. Listen to the voices within your head that encourage you to take that first step. It is your turn to be a personal hero.

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