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How to Beat Stress!!!

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How to beat stress
At work, home, family, traffic, many times we are facing more stress. The busiest time spent in traffic make you be stressed. The crisis, job insecurity, overtime spent at work, bills, unforeseen expenses, unexpected events and more, are the main cause of stress to many diseases. Stress cause obesity, heart failure, early aging and more.
How to beat stress:
Exercise 30 minutes every day to train the heart and lungs. In the morning when you go to work do not use the elevator, down the stairs so the body is moving in the morning. For short trips to the store, do not use the car, walk, that invigorates the entire body.Make it a habit.
Breathe correctly when you’re stressed, draw a deep breath, then exhale slowly, thus the lungs can hold more oxygen.
It is useful to do breathing exercises every day correctly. Repeat this every night and morning. Your body will get a large amount of oxygen and you’ll be in shape. When you’re stressed and short breath quickly assimilated oxygen is much lower, causing a headache.
Live life in society, often when you handle the job all the time, or you have problems, do not isolate people. Avoid this, go into the weekend with friends, invite friends to your home, have dinner together, talk about your problems with friends, you will discover that they have gone through periods of stress. Isolation from social life cause depression, another more dangerous state of stress.
The hobby away accumulated stress state during the week. Pets reduce stress, a study confirmed that people who have a pet to withstand more stress. Adopt a cat or dog, especially if you live alone.
Enough sleep, several hours per night is not enough for the body to regenerate, not wasting time on the computer until after midnight. If you’re rested you resist stress.
Very important is to be optimistic, after the clouds comes the sun!Success!


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