Tuesday, December 12

The American Nightmare

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            The all powerful American Dream, the belief that a poor man can come to America and work his way up the social ladder to become a social elite. This is the most disturbing fallacy of American culture.

            There are many problems with the American Dream that most people do not pay attention to. One major part of this is the belief that all races and sexes have equal participation within America. This ignores past and present discrimination within the workplace. Women have a much harder time in the workplace than men do due to sexism, while racism causes discrimination whether it be from landowners, or employers. Whether you believe there is racism or not in America, there is most definitely a white privilege. But that’s not the only myth of the American Dream.

            The American Dream also doesn’t pay attention to how hard people work. The working poor are some of the most hardworking people in America and receive far less pay than most. They also have very little mobility in terms of moving up in work.

            America is a nation driven by the wheels of capitalism. The problem is, capitalism is a system that involves huge social stratification. This means that there are huge gaps between the rich and the poor. This is because America is essentially a caste system. The rich are usually born into wealth, and the poor are usually born into poverty. The wealthy don’t have to work very hard to maintain their affluence, while the poor work two or three jobs and still remain in poverty.

            We see a poor man on the street and we label him as an alcoholic or a drug abuser, and we put his poverty on his shoulders. We blame him for his destitution. The fact is, we live in a society that causes this. The poor are a product of our capitalist system.


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