Tuesday, December 12

A List of Top Article Directories With High Pageranks

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In my previous post, I shared the importance of writing quality unique articles regularly and posting them on article directories.  There are many articles sites out there on the web and posting on each one of them is time consuming.

To begin with, start posting on a list of article directories with higher google pageranks(PR).  The more quality backlinks to your site, the better they rank on search engines.  So first give preference to article sites with higher pageranks and outstanding features as those listed below.


Another advantage is that most of these sites provide a compensation for your efforts in sharing your ideas and articles on their sites.  So while you write articles to build traffic for your websites and blogs,  simultaneously, you earn a passive income in the long run.   That is what I like about article marketing.


So here is a list of article directories that I have compiled according to their page rankings. 

         PR 8                                            

  • Squidoo –  Each post is considered a lens or webpageThe site has a high ranking on search engines and linking your site or blog with squidoo would fetch enormous traffic to your site as well.  You get paid 50% of the ad revenue based on the traffic and the no. of quality lens in your account. This Ad revenue is shared by google, amazon, eBay, infolinks and meebo bar.  The amount initially goes to the Ad pool, which is then shared with the lensmasters (members of squidoo who create lens).  Read more

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