Monday, December 18

Frontierville Review

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Everyone is doing it these days, hopping on that wagon heading to the frontier to start a new virtual life. It’s unlike other gamming applications found on Facebook. Frontierville is growing in popularity as people send friend requests to those they know, to join as a neighbor to settle the west. Zynga really done it this time, creating the most unique and original game this year by bringing the Wild West to life on the most popular social network of its time.

In Frontierville, you start by settling the homestead, building your house, chopping down trees and raising livestock. Progress through the game by completing goals, growing crops, raising and selling livestock, clearing land and battling critters. At certain points in the game, you’ll get married, settle down, and raise a family. As you make your way through the challenges, your town will grow and thrive. When you complete different actions, often you are awarded with special items that you’ll collect and trade in for rewards and other items that will aid in your progression of the game.

Frontierville uses what is called an energy system. With each task performed, it will use one energy. When empty, you can head over to the market and purchase more with horseshoes or food collected from the harvested crops, fruit trees and animals. Not always will you have enough food to replenish your energy, so this game does take some strategic planning so you can complete the tasks.

The quests add a fun adventure to settling the homestead and creating the perfect town. Some quests require you to plant a specific number of crops, or even build more buildings. As the game develops, there will be more territories to explore. In the end, it’s a fun game, people of all ages will enjoy!



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